Roll-Out Turn-Key Projects

Do you have an existing (international) concept or do you intend to develop a scalable (International / European) concept? CN supports where necessary.

What do we offer?

  • Source locations
  • Source & manage local contractor
  • Source local architect / self-supply of correct drawings
  • Find local regulations
  • Distribution to location
  • Project management
  • Control planning multiple locations

Custom Turn-Key Projects

Are you starting a business and looking for the partner who can support you from “a to z”? CN charts the entire process and supports you throughout this process. What does this process look like?

  • Command definition
  • Your concept translated into solutions
  • Design
  • Permits process
  • Investment budget and tender
  • Project management
  • Delivery
  • Aftercare
  • Service maintenance

Project management

You have a network of installers and suppliers, but you still need independent and professional cost control and project management? CN is your partner and stands next to you as an advisor and project manager.

What does CN offer?

  • Guidance in requests and tenders
  • Construction coordination
  • Reporting
  • Chair construction meetings
  • Cost monitoring

Program management

When companies grow across the border it is important that local parties are involved in the expansion of the concept. CN already has the network available to you in the following countries:

  • Benelux
  • Frankrijk
  • Zwitserland
  • Spanje
  • Portugal
  • Duitsland
  • UK
  • Tsjechi√ę
  • Polen
  • Oostenrijk
  • Hongarije
  • Slowakije

In which areas can CN support the “program management”?

  • Source locations
  • Source & manage local contractor
  • Source local architect / self-supply of correct drawings
  • Local regulations
  • Distribution to location
  • Project management

Executive services

  • Layout and design
  • Drawing (construction, and installation engineering, interior construction)
  • Application / guidance permits and utilities
  • Carpentry
  • Finishes
  • Walls
  • Flooring
  • Ceilings
  • Installation technique
  • Plumbing installations
  • E-installations
  • Fire prevention
  • Air technology
  • Cooling technology
  • Kitchen technique
  • Interior construction

Service maintenance

Clients of CN usually run a continuous operation, so they need a service that fits this way of doing business. At CN we offer this service, there are several customized contracts to conclude.

For which parts does CN, service and maintenance offer?

  • Facility management
  • Grootkeukentechniek
  • Cooling technology
  • Air technology
  • Electrical installations
  • Plumbing installations
  • H-VAC installations
  • Fire prevention installations
  • Security installations
  • Inspections

Safety VCA

With over 1.5 million certified professionals and 15,000 certified companies, VCA is the standard in safe, healthy and sustainable working. VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors. It is a proven program in which various branches in the Dutch industry have combined 25 years of knowledge and experience. With our VCA certificate we lay the foundation to work safely and healthy every day.


BREEAM-NL is an assessment method to determine the sustainability performance of buildings. The method includes four different quality marks. First of all BREEAM-NL New construction and Renovation. This quality mark has been operational since September 2009. It is used to determinethe sustainability performance of new buildings. The second mark isBREEAM-NL In-Use. This assesses existing buildings on three levels: Building, Management and Use. This became operational in the summer of
2011. The third quality mark BREEAM-NL Area Development assesses the sustainability performance of an area development. From September 2011, this quality mark is also operational. In 2013, the DGBC launched the BREEAM-NL Demolition and Disassembly quality mark to assess the sustainability of demolition projects. Buildings that do not fall into these categories can be assessed with a customization process: BREEAM-NL ‘Bespoke’.

Examine your subsidy opportunities and the reduction of your operating costs by BREEAM. CN has now realized several projects according to the BREEAM standard, up to the highest level of assessment.

The Netherlands is completely circular in 2050.

The government wants the Dutch economy to be 100% circular in 2050. In 2030 that figure must be around 50 percent. Laws and regulations in this area are in the making. The construction as a large user of raw materials and energy and the cause of a huge mountain of waste therefore has no choice. The rudder has to change, and that is perhaps the first place for architects. They will have to design their design practice in a fundamentally different way and make buildings that are of course designed from circular thinking. For inspiration a mini documentary about the need for circular building. Look at it and draw your conclusion. We can better make progress with circular thinking and doing.

Peter de Winter, editor-in-chief Bouwwereld

CN has realized THE GREEN HOUSE in collaboration with Albron, Strukton, Ballast Nedam and R Creators, where CN conducted project management during the completion and design of the restaurant, as well as the realization of interior solutions. Click on the link below to find out more about the first Dutch circular restaurant.